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Colour Change Wrapping

Car Wrap In Fareham.

Quickly transform your vehicle with a colour-change wrap. Vinyl wraps are often a cheaper alternative to painting a vehicle, and as they are also fully removable, the resale value isn’t affected. From our base in Fareham, we use only the highest quality vinyl from approved suppliers. 

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Prices Starting from £2,200

price excludes VAT

What is Car Wrapping?

Car wrapping is the process of covering a car in a thin, pliable vinyl to transform its appearance. We’re proud to provide everything from matte black car wrap to shiny pink car wrap. With a huge selection of car wrap colours and finishes to choose from, we have the right wrap for you! Our stylish vinyl car wrap is durable and can easily resist fading or scratching, letting you enjoy an incredibly unique design that is built to last. 

What are the benefits of Car Wrapping?

How much does Wrapping cost?

Full external car wraps start from just £2,200 + VAT. The price varies from vehicle to vehicle and fluctuates depending on the material selected. Get in touch to find out how much it would cost to wrap your car!

When properly installed by professionals like the Amigo Customs team, coloured vinyl car wraps can last for years without damaging the underlying car paint. Customers can expect their colour wrapping to last for 5 years on average, depending on the car’s use, colour, and wrap area.

Car wrap vinyl is fully removable, so once you’re satisfied with your car’s colour and you’re ready to move on to something new, you can easily replace it or return to the core car colour scheme underneath. It is a cost-effective, safe method of customising your car to fit your unique style. With Amigo Customs, we can provide more than just standard colour change wrapping. We can also offer fleet wrapping and car branding for commercial vehicles.

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Why choose Amigo Customs?

Unparalleled quality.

We strive to provide outstanding results at attainable prices. With customer service and exceptional quality as our driving force, we don’t send anything out of the workshop without being 100% satisfied ourselves first. We’re so dedicated to providing the best experience that we even offer a one-year warranty for material and installation failure. Rest assured, your vehicle is in the best possible hands.

Red Vinyl Colour Car Wrap on a sports car left side from the front

One Stop Vehicle Enhancement Specialists

From vinyl car wrapping to window tinting and caliper painting, Amigo Customs offers a full suite of car enhancement services under one roof. Transform your vehicle with a whole new look, or bring back your old sparkle with our paint correction and wheel refurbishment services. For more information about our services, read our FAQ page, which contains our most commonly asked questions.

From our massive base in Fareham, Segensworth, we can help provide car wraps to car enthusiasts throughout the South Coast, from Southampton to Portsmouth! Fill out our contact form to get a quote on your next car wrap design, and book a visit to our facilities.