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MetaTrak S5 Deadlock

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MetaTrak S5 Deadlock is the most comprehensive, connected vehicle security system on the market. It combines advanced immobilisation with MetTrak’s new generation tracking technology, 24/7 control room monitoring and an easy-to-use app.

Take vehicle security to the next level with MetaTrak immobilisation.

No ID Tag. No Start!

The Starter Immobiliser arms automatically after the engine is turned off and disarms with the ID Tag.

Lock Down from The App

When Deadlock Immobilisation is activated via the app, the vehicle cannot be started, even with the ID Tag.

OBD Port Protection (Optional)

For the prevention of key cloning, MetaTrak also offers OBD Port Immobilisation via the app.

Leading the Way

Developed with the latest technology, it can be installed more covertly than ever before to avoid detection by potential thieves. It has incredibly low battery drain and is fully waterproof.

MetaTrak S5 Deadlock meets the strictest insurance criteria, Category S5.


£699 - £849 + vat

(includes 1 year free subscription)