Fleet Wrapping & Branding

Basically a billboard on wheels, this is the perfect way to market your business on the move. From the initial idea to final design, we help conceptualise your vision before transforming your vehicle into a mobile marketing machine!

What is Fleet Wrapping & Branding?

Otherwise known as signwriting, this is the process of promoting your business through graphics and text on your commercial vehicle. To stay consistent with branding, the same colours & fonts can be used to accompany the logo on the vehicle to help drive traffic to your website and raise brand awareness.

What are the benefits of Signwriting?

How much does it cost?

The price is subject to the specification of the project and the complexity of the design. For example, the cost of a full commercial wrap will be considerably more expensive than a simple sign writing job. If you let us know your requirements, we’ll quote you accordingly before beginning the design work!

Industry Leading Materials


Can Cater to
Large Fleets

1 Year

Why choose Amigo Customs?

Dream big, brand bigger.

We transform ideas into reality. No matter how bold or crazy the concept is, we can design and facilitate your wildest imaginations. From basic sign writing to bespoke commercial wraps, we can give your vehicle the makeover it needs to help achieve your marketing objectives.