Paint Correction

Restore and rejuvenate the paintwork of your vehicle by removing any surface imperfections, blemishes, fine scratches and swirl marks.  Bring the paintwork of your car back to life and enjoy the true, clean, ‘better than showroom’ shine!

Before & After

What is Paint Correction?

Paint correction detailing is the process of polishing out imperfections from the paintwork and restoring it to a better than new, pristine condition.

What are the benefits of Detailing?

How much does Detailing cost?

Prices vary from vehicle to vehicle, but a stage 1 paint enhancement starts from £500 + VAT. A stage 2 paint correction starts from £700 + VAT

In-house Detailing Specialist

Industry Leading Materials

Fully Insured

Quality Guarantee

Why choose Amigo Customs?

Attention to detail.

Our in-house detailing specialist is a true perfectionist. Using only industry leading equipment & products in a climate controlled, purpose-built premises – there’s no better place to send your car for its paint correction