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Professional Car Protection In Fareham

Transform and protect your vehicle with Amigo Customs. From our base in Fareham, we offer a variety of car protection packages that can help maintain your unique finish. Say goodbye to blemishes and paint chipping with our car detailing paint correction and paint protection films, or get a ceramic coating for long-lasting protection against the elements, UV, and more. Start your free quote now with our contact form and improve your vehicle’s appearance. 

PPF Paint Protection Film

We use the top-grade SunTek PPF, a market-leading car paint protection film. As fully authorised installers, we can ensure that any car in Fareham or the surrounding area has anti-yellowing, self-healing vehicle paint protection that is sure to last. Proper paint protection can not only help reduce chips and road rash, but it can also help to keep your future investment safe by maintaining your vehicle value. Our PPF car paint protection films are available in all sorts of plans, from full car protection to just front-end kits. With Amigo Customs, you’re sure to find a service that fits you.

What are the benefits of Car Paint Protection?

Car Paint Correction

If you need paint correction for cars and other vehicles, Amigo Customs is here to help. Our auto paint correction specialists work meticulously to remove blemishes and scratches without damaging the car’s overcoat. Our climate-controlled premises and top-line machinery and lighting allow us to rejuvenate the car paint detailing, leading to an enhanced look free from fine lines, swirl marks, and imperfections. Typically, car paint correcting is done before a protective coating is applied, and we recommend this service alongside our long-lasting car ceramic coatings.

Ceramic Coatings

At Amigo Customs, we’re proud to be the only authorised installers of the cutting-edge ceramic coating product developed by WAXISDEAD. As one of the best ceramic coatings, this car paint protection service can make your vehicle highly hydrophobic, greatly resistant to chips and minor abrasions, and incredibly low maintenance. After receiving a paint correction or protective film, a ceramic coating can help keep your car looking its best. With Amigo Customs, all our car ceramic coatings come with a lifetime warranty, which covers the full external, including paint, glass & trims.

Car Protection Prices Fareham

Start a quote for our car protection services today with the form above, and enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics. We have four varieties of car protection plans to suit all sorts of needs, from simple coatings to full-body transformations. Find the price that fits you, and browse the rest of our services.

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Why choose Amigo Customs?

Professional PPF Installers

With Amigo Customs, you won’t need to go anywhere else for your car enhancements. With our state-of-the-art facility in Fareham, Segensworth, we can provide everything from car wraps and window tinting to long-lasting paint protection film and ceramic coatings. As fully qualified, experienced installers of WAXISDEAD, SunTek PPF, and paint correction techniques, you can have total peace of mind that your wheels are in good hands.

Amigo Customs are fully certified, experienced PPF installation professionals. From our Fareham base, we can offer a full suite of car enhancement services. 

A ceramic car coating is a chemical polymer that coats vehicles to provide long-lasting protection to their colour and bodywork. Because they are hydrophobic, they make cleaning vehicles much easier and faster while also reducing the amount of dirt or rain that sticks to it.

The best ceramic coating is one that can offer the most powerful protection against harmful UV rays, intensive weather conditions such as rain and sleet, all while maintaining a gorgeous sheen. Amigo Customs only uses technologically advanced ceramic coatings, so that our customers receive a low maintenance, anti-graffity, highly hydrophobic coating that is easy to clean. 

Paint protection film, also known as PPF, is a near-invisible, clear urethane film that protects the underlying coat of paint from stones, gravel, rainfall, and anything else that you’re likely to encounter on the road.